Think it's Time to Have a Baby? Think Again!

13th November 2010

Most people of a certain age count the birth of their first child as one of the happiest of all life events; it should be. After all, having a baby is a hopeful time in a woman's life.

However, this is not this case for Brid Johal, a senior PA in the office of the commissioners of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). Ms. Johal told a staffer at the tribunal that her job had been downgraded whilst on maternity leave, citing that she felt “mistreated, penalized and pushed out of her career".

The current economic climate has been compared to that of the 1930’s recession. The pressures on business owners are greater than ever, but are new mums paying an even larger price? Ironically, Johal’s boss’s aim is to eradicate career discrimination.

Furthermore, she is not alone. Even in a healthy economy, legal firms report a sharp increase in lawsuits from pregnant women that feel their employers used covert techniques to drive them off their jobs, such as altering their hours and denying flexible working career requirements.

Campaign groups and law firms go even further to say that the numbers are rising so dramatically because bosses see mothers as a “soft target.”

In the last two years, approximately 30,000 women have filed discrimination suits after they were fired from their jobs after taking maternity leave.

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