Apple and Facebook Shape, Alter and Define the IT Industry

3rd December 2010

A study conducted among 5,500 IT career professionals reveals that 46% feel that a job in the IT business industry is considered to be a much more advantageous career than it was just five years ago. At least 40% of those said the Apple iPad launch, in particular, influenced their decision.

Anyone over the age of ten has to have the latest and greatest mobile phone and every other technically advanced product that comes down the pike. Is it any wonder that the Facebook mega-monster box office hit, The Social network was so popular?

In fact, the research found that Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO and Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, topped the poll of IT pro personalities who most inspired people to try to find jobs in the tech sector.

The IT community most aspire to be recruited by these top five bigwigs:

1. Apple: Steve Jobs
2. Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg
3. Dell: Michael Dell
4. Microsoft: Steve Balmer
5. Google: Larry Page

When the survey queried which brands most contributed to a desirable IT career, 70% said that Google easily led the pack, closely followed by Apple at almost 60% and Microsoft coming in at 53%.

Recent advancements in enhanced mobile platforms also played a huge role for current jobseekers, as did cloud computing and 3D animation films.

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