Fighting the Snow With Clouds

17th December 2010

Despite the extensive disruptions with public transport and road closings, The Software-As-A-Service provider survey reported that recruitment agencies across UK did not suffer downtime and were not as affected by the unfavourable weather as one might suppose.

The on-demand tracking recruitment software, hosted by “Cloud” was impervious to the widespread snowfall, which put much of London out of action. However, the software enabled job recruitment agencies to continue providing a consistent service to career hopeful candidates and clients.

Bobby Dewitt, Head of Operations at Cloud Software, explained: “When the adverse weather reports came through, we knew workers would be home-bound. Using a cloud-based system allowed us to continue running an uninterrupted, seamless operation, jobs were run from home, and it was business as usual.”

Peter Long, the UK Managing Director, commented: “Our poll suggested that almost 25% of recruiters could work from home. Without a web-based ATS platform, about fifty workers would have lost approximately seventy to eighty hours of income per day.

This is a significant risk to our clients and a huge salary loss to the job candidates who depend on us.

The ash cloud problem that occurred earlier in 2010, this software proved itself as a viable solution for recruiting agencies who have no choice but to keep on top of an ever-changing, technically advanced industry for continuity.”