IT Job Professionals: Are They Dishonest or in Denial

3rd December 2010

In a surprising study conducted by two IT software mentors, 67% of managers of UK organisations say they cannot afford to invest enough budget, time and job training in order to resolve skill inadequacies.

Even more shocking, after questioning an average of 100 HR and IT managers (link to ‘’), it showed that when time and funds did permit, 45% do address the lack of skills, but one in four IT bosses handle the issue by recruiting a new worker. Additionally, 15% of respondents admittedly found it difficult to identify what specific training they lack.

This breaks down to one in three UK businesses take time to invest money in training new recruits, thereby leaving other existing career professionals’ development to fail in delivering essential job survival in today’s warbling economic climate.

However, here is the kicker. When the IT managers were quizzed on what skill training would bring to their organisation’s table, they cited an increased level of quality standards of 32%; 29% was attributed to productivity; 15% touted they were steadily moving ahead of their competition.

Could it be media hype shouting of skill depletion in the UK, or simply incorrect information from the IT professionals? Regardless, 62% rated their IT department as “good,” while 21% claimed their departments were excellent.  – flat fee recruitment specialists in the UK