Confident Your Employees Will Still Be There in 2011?

3rd January 2011

A recent job generated report showed that 51% of UK workers are disengaged and frustrated with their jobs. That’s in comparison to 41% of those employed in Europe.

Tough trading, job downsizing, the lack of holiday bonus and pay raises, as well as the slow recovery have done irreparable damage to job morale.

UK’s government has now announced it will soon begin to measure people’s environmental and psychological wellbeing. The idea is to monitor people’s levels of job and career satisfaction and happiness. Perhaps managers should follow its lead.

Holidays are when business leaders should offer warm words of encouragement regarding career performance. This is the key time when many team members disappear into the horizon.

At a time when it is most needed, communication and strong leadership is critical; but oftentimes HR professionals and management grossly overlook it. Although, in fairness, bosses are under more pressure to produce more than ever before.

The holidays present the ideal opportunity to give their job recruits a major boost before they leave for the season. However, management should not underestimate how much Christmastime is psychologically important to a person’s career.

This is the time when people take a well-deserved break from work. They are with their loved ones, but they also tend to take stock of their jobs and their lives. If they are not content in their career, they start making plans to re-enter the job market.

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