Employers Believe: Tech Heads Do It Better

24th January 2011

It is common knowledge that people who have been without a job for more than six months, have an even harder time finding employment; nevertheless, all is not gloom and doom.

Approximately 200 British employers are closely monitoring the nation’s economic forecast; and almost 74% of them enthusiastically anticipate recruiting new hires into their mix.

They report their organisation is growing financially, or has at least remained steady since mid 2010 to now. CEOs and business owners are now looking to fill these jobs with part-time, contract workers and career-minded interns.

In fact, one in five UK business leaders and recruitment officers from industries across the board firmly claim to need permanent part and full-time job seekers put in place; although they hasten to add that the job market will still be highly competitive.

However, the more cautious among them, (27%), are uncertain and/or declining financially. They may have to wait until the economy is more secure.

IT and highly functional techie jobs are career areas that will be added to the hiring headcount in 2011. It additionally cited environmentally focused jobs, social media, cyber security and career opportunities in global relations.

Along with filling these new jobs with seasoned, experienced talent, bosses with recruitment responsibilities plan to recruit fresh 2011 college graduates; however, some businesses will take on interns from these graduates to help supplement additional staff and workload.

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