Negligence Claims a "No-No"

3rd January 2011

A popular survey organisation, Opinion Matters, disclosed that throughout the last year, an astounding amount of employed Brits would not inform their employers if injured on the job-no matter whether it was from falling down or from using faulty equipment.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) commissioned the research. It included 1,150 adults of varying career titles, as well as length of time on the job.

Despite 120,000 job injuries, less than one-quarter of the employees actually made a claim.

Muiris Lyons, president of APIL stated, “Many of us may have suffered an injury through no fault of our own at work but in the workplace there seems to be a real reluctance to make a claim in cases of negligence.

“Most employees will have built a rapport with their employer over a period of time and if a case of negligence occurs in the workplace, some individuals could feel embarrassed or think that there may be a stigma attached if they are seen making a claim against their employer.

The fear if they make a claim, their career may be at risk or they will be branded a troublemaker.

“There seems be a perception that those making personal injury negligence claims are taking advantage of an unfortunate situation. Yet, the reality is that the negative stigma attached to individuals making a claim is an unfair one.” – offering low cost, flat fee recruiting for businesses