No Time For Slackers

3rd January 2011

A recent survey of employees that had taken a job within the last year showed in almost 20% of the new hires resulted in them quitting or early termination.

Many said the jobs were not in line with their expectations; however, they will have a tough go of finding a replacement job due to the overabundance of job seekers.

Employers know they have the advantage and are capitalising on it by being more selective. They have their pick of the best and the brightest and they are putting job hopefuls through the grinder.

Not only do employees count enthusiasm, experience and skill sets invaluable, to win the job, candidates go through many additional gruelling interviews and psychometric testing.

Additionally, if they are recruited, many undergo a longer probationary period.

More than half of the newly recruited are under great pressure to perform at peak capacity.

New hire, Sarah Bakersfield said: “Thank goodness I can now feed my family, but how do I know if I have a minor slipup I won’t be tossed out like yesterday’s garbage? There are hundreds waiting at the door hoping for just that.”

In such a competitive time, the sheer number of job applicants makes it harder to identify the better candidate. Organisation heads are spending a longer time making up their minds.

It’s their ballgame now...better get your game face on.

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