Retailers and Jobless Pop the Corks!

14th January 2011

Mothercare, a children’s store, and Clinton Cards, a popular greeting card establishment, were only a couple of retailers who were casualties of December’s severe snowfall that cited dismal trading numbers at Christmastime.

Both say they will miss the 2010’s market earning expectations. Icy roads and thick snow stranded staff as well as shoppers in the lead-up to the holidays.

However, for those businesses tempted to blame the weather woes, how do they explain the soaring sales at Majestic Wines and John Lewis?

Despite desperate weather conditions, people still made it to their jobs at major winery chains. Recruitment continues to rise and they even managed to increase sales from the preceding year.

It seems we do not mind trudging through ice and snow for liquor, but not for the latest DVD! However, UK’s supermarkets have not trotted out the same weather excuse, as has the retail industry.

Given this, does this make the lot of us boozers? Children’s toys and holiday cards were sacrificed because of treacherous travelling conditions, yet we still had wine on our Christmas table.

Many jobless understand the reasoning behind it. Isn’t a glass of warm wine more appealing than facing the masses of annoyed and frustrated unemployed career hopefuls that simply want to seek refuge from cold and the realities of life at this point?

The jury is still out, but perhaps retailers should also get a pass and be allowed to drown their sorrows over sinking holiday profits. are the UK’s leading flat fee recruitment specialist and offer businesses the chance to successfully recruit new staff before paying a low fixed fee.