Baby Boomers and New Nursing Grads Experience a Job Surge

6th February 2011

According to the latest Health Media report, the job market for nurses is now wide open.

Once teeming with possibility and promise, nursing careers were in stagnant mode once the recession hit. Many private offices and hospitals terminated many jobs as in-patient appointments decreased.

Although many jobs in healthcare enjoyed a job creation upswing over the last few months, the nursing field has been plagued by hiring freezes and layoffs as of late; however, job prospects are on the rise in 2011.

In fact, nursing graduates looking to jumpstart their career will find they are in high demand and will start to notice ample job openings, especially for those with a baccalaureate degree.

The data has shown that four-year degrees are becoming more common than ever before, leading to new nurses pouring into the 2011 career tide. There was a 6.3% enrolment increase in baccalaureate programmes last year, compared to 2009.

This is also good news for retired nurses. Before the recession, many of those with healthcare career were forced out of retirement due to a poor recruitment market; spouses lost their jobs or had salary reductions.

Moreover, between now and 2015, the report states that nine out of 20 jobs will be held by someone in the healthcare industry, making it one of the most rapidly growing careers. More than 3.8 million new nursing opportunities will be created in the next decade. – specialist fixed price recruitment in the UK