Liars Don’t Get Hired

6th February 2011

Should you lie about your current job salary? According to the popular Money Magazine, it wouldn’t be prudent.

If you have a job, but have found that raises are scarce, you may be tempted to exaggerate your pay scale during an all important job interview negotiation. Especially if what you really earn, is not what you should be making.

Moreover, padding the drawer could get you the numbers you really deserve, right? Wrong.

If you get the job, but get caught telling untruths, your credibility will suffer. A future in your chosen career could be sacrificed.

Nevertheless, almost 25% of job seekers admit they have inflated their salaries, or would outright lie in a job interview that would help their career grow legs.

However, being too honest could be detrimental also. So, how do you know you are not setting the salary bar too low? Seriously undercutting yourself speaks volumes to the interviewer.

Salary information can easily be verified.

If the organisation presses a job seeker to reveal their current salary, Money Magazine suggests playing the Artful Dodger. Proceed to dance around all the facts. Avoid talking concrete numbers until the offer is before you.

Use the phrase, “my total compensation.”

Combine your wages, stock options, bonuses, expected raises, as well as 401(k) matches. It swells the numbers, without compromising the facts. – Uk’s leading flat fee recruitment specialist