Small Business Owners Have Renewed Faith in 2011

28th February 2011

It seems that the US has extended their recent small business recruitment boom on to the UK, as business owners are experiencing a deliberate increase in hiring confidence.

Gallup, the polling organisation and Wells Fargo combined its efforts and showed a 16-point rise in January from October’s level in 2010. Specifically, defence contracting, information technology (IT), medical equipment companies and software development companies were among the sectors that showed projected revived recruitment activity.

Even more encouraging, of the 603 business owners polled, 23% expect a rise in career head counts in 2011-an increase of 18% from the preceding survey taken. Furthermore, employers who expected to cut jobs went from 30% down to 25%; and it does not seem to be slowing down in February.

The numbers are not overtly dramatic, but after such a shaky economic recruitment year, every bit counts.

The Gallup index poll determines present job conditions and business owners’ potential hiring expectations in six measures: revenue, capital distribution, cash flow, credit access and recruitment.

A spokesperson from Gallup said, “This is an enormous change from what we saw towards the end of last year. There is a renewed sense of urgency on the part of business owners regarding marketing options geared to creating jobs, enhancing careers and an optimistic regeneration to plug new recruits into the system.” leading flat fee recruitment specialists in the UK.