Tweet Not So Sweet

6th February 2011

Do you depend on social networking when seeking a job, but confused as to why it has not panned out?

Don’t be. Almost 200 university students and recent graduates took part in an employment survey that asked how well social mediums worked in terms of finding a job.

The results were surprising.

Although 70% of the students who are presently engaged in the social media network to facilitate their ongoing search for a job, barely one student in five found these methods to be helpful.

Due to the challenging job market, many determined students saturated these types of social mediums hoping their bids for recruitment would reach a larger array of prospective employers.

Regrettably, it has not proven to be the case; in fact, many feel it is a definite time-waster.

Almost 65% of the students are now turning to online recruitment job boards. Amid the tremendous press regarding how useful the social media is for job hunting, the overall evidence is contradictory.

Approximately 33% of the career hopefuls favoured the more conventional form of job-hunting to be networking with friends and family. Many found success with referrals from teachers and other professionals.

In the end, the students are not dismissing these avenues when searching for a job, but neither are they totally relying upon them; rather, they regard them as merely another string in their recruitment-hunting bow. is the UK’s leading flat fee recruitment specialist