New Survey Showcases Applicant Recruitment Blunders

11th March 2011

Quite simply, your CV’s presentation is of paramount importance when applying for a job. In this unstable career climate, that should be a no brainer, right?

Nevertheless, several prominent business owners and online recruitment advisors conducted a survey that yielded some rather unbelievable mistakes in judgement made by job seekers regarding their CVs.

One recruitment expert who works closely with potential employers said, “There are crucial, yet simple errors that job hopefuls can do to stack the deck more favourably; however, they are oft overlooked.”

“A job resume should be germane to which the job they are applying. He reminds them to list quantifiable and crucial information in the beginning. Many neglect to update phone numbers; some even put nicknames instead of their real first name.”

Lastly, he quipped, “Rhyming your entire job CV or listing ‘lion taming’ as your latest hobby is probably not the most brilliant move.”

Others partaking in the survey were amazed at the number of risqué email addresses, saying, “During the recruitment process, do people in the UK not realise their CVs are gone over with a fine-toothed comb?”

“More than ever before, we have the luxury of “cherry-picking” now. Everything is scrutinised.”

Perhaps it would be wise to wait for a friendlier economic climate before listing our prior job title as 'Master of Universe and Time.'

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