UK's Training of New Recruits Sadly Lacking

14th March 2011

The latest onboarding survey indicates UK businesses are still not “onboard” with assimilating, accommodating and accelerating newly recruited employees into their system’s culture.

The honeymoon period for a new employee fresh on the job can be the first 90 days, on up to a full year. During this time, management must dedicate themselves entirely to inexperienced recruits.

Advocates of onboarding continue to emphasise the importance of this survey, yet few employers reap the benefits; therefore, they do not realise potential increased profits during the “honeymoon” stage of their job.

In fact, findings indicated that less than 40% effectively onboard new job recruits, saying that it guarantees them a competitive differentiator.

Fans of onboarding see their competitors facing challenges with employee retention and engagement, oftentimes finding themselves unclear on performance and floundering after new job placement, citing a general lack of leadership.

Companies that employ the onboarding process stress that they have seen a rise in time productivity from the newly recruited, as well as a decrease in company costs.

Of the 60% not in favour of the onboarding process, most indicated that the biggest challenge was that it was inconsistent and decentralised.

Nearly 3,000 new career hires underwent the process in the last year. Conservative statistics estimates at least £600 to £200,000 increased profits due to increased productivity and reduced paperwork. Moreover, clients report that doing business with these companies is a transparent and seamless process. – The UK’s leading online recruitment agency