Employees No Longer Thinking Outside of the Job "Safe" Box

19th April 2011

A recent survey conducted by UK HR specialists found that out of 4,400 companies, almost 50% of recruited employees are less likely to take risks in their position, for fear of losing their jobs.

Moreover, it also concluded that management in one in four organisations no longer look at ways to engage, encourage or retain their top talent.

With the anticipation of job loss, workers are more risk averse, think shorter-term and have stopped being as innovative or proactive as they previously were, according to the latest research.

A spokesperson from one of the top HR organisations commented: “Survival mode is normal when companies are heading out of a recession. The repercussions from workers who have survived the redundancy process are low levels of job performance.

Workers fear for their careers and managers often employ a reactive, knee jerk style and tend to go strictly “by the book” during an uncertain financial climate.

When employers were shown these results, 42% said they would be willing to re-invigorate management programmes and run a “temperature check” on their employees’ views and opinions.

Additionally, career team heads will create schemes to make seasoned and new recruits feel valued by offering a two-way approach regarding feedback.

Their hope is to improve internal job communication and clarity among manager roles, which will inevitably contribute to organisations’ long-term success.

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