Healthcare Jobs Soon to Merge

19th April 2011

In July, Circle Healthcare’s contract expires. Does this in any way affect your career? For hundreds of healthcare workers who depend on their jobs and approximately 40,000 patients who benefit from pain management, diabetic ophthalmology and corneal procedures, it certainly does.

Hospital management teams are scrambling to quash job loss rumours as Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust merges with Midlands Treatment Centre, Tamworth Community Hospital and Lichfield Community Hospital.

Helen Ashley, the Midlands Treatment Centre’s chief executive, confirmed that there may be no changes in service, but that they were discussing all options available.

She said: “We have discussed a range of options; it would be wrong not to consider everything. For the time being, things will be business as usual. “We don’t want to cut jobs or take away what works; it would be foolish of me to do so.”

“This is an excellent opportunity to build career success.”

Even so, rumours are flying that the facility may be converted into a 23-hour a day children’s unit.

She praised the expert level of service and revealed that patients would occupy the spare rooms from the Queen’s Hospital during the transition, adding that there would be no hospital name change.

“We want to assure employees that their jobs are safe, as well as ensure that patients care will remain as good as they currently are, if not better.”

Their aim is to integrate the main hospital with the centre by July 11.

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