How Narrowly Did You Miss the Job Mark?

1st April 2011

A career survey conducted by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) indicated that the latest crop of job searchers might have gotten the job, had they only known how to “close the deal.”

The study included approximately 2,000 top staffers across the UK. When asked what made a career hopeful stand out and, ultimately, snag the job, 75% said that many had the skills, but they never really asked for the job.

Their chief complaint seemed to be that although many answered questions without a hitch, when asked if they in turn had any questions of their own, they did not take the opportunity to restate and highlight insightful reasons why you would be a good fit.

“Use what you have learned about the organisation and turn it to your benefit.”

Said one interviewer: “To be recruited, it is not enough to impress us with intelligence and experience; this is the perfect opportunity to ask pertinent questions; many job searchers rarely take advantage of this.”

“Now that you are aware of my job qualifications, please address any concerns you may have about my suitability, is a good way to wind up.”

“Asking these questions at the close is not for the faint of heart, but to succeed in our hypercompetitive job market, one must not only shine, but take control at the close.”

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