Graduates Turn To Online Recruitment To Find Their First Job

12th May 2011

The days of knocking on doors, dropping off CVs to receptionists and waiting by the the phone for it to ring may soon become a thing of the past. These days, graduates are turning to the internet to find work as internet job boards replace traditional recruitment procedures.

In recent months, the recruitment of graduates online has experienced a sharp increase, in contrast to online recruitment figures from last year. The prospects for online work have continued to expand, with positions in the technical field comprising the largest chunk of the online job market. The fields experiencing the sharpest decline have been the banking and public sector industries, which have fallen by six percent over the past year. The areas seeing the most vigorous boost in online postings for work have been East Anglia and the South West.

A job board spokesperson, Isabelle Ratinaud has stated that their Employment Index points to a job market of broad potential all around the country. Ratinaud insists that despite a brief lag this past autumn, growth in the private sector has raised steadily in industries like construction, research, transportation and IT, and these developments could serve to lower the overall level of unemployment. Ratinaud especially emphasises growth rates in the construction field, which has reached its highest level of recruitment since before the recession. – Flat Fee Recruitment