Workplace Morale made worse by Managers?

1st June 2011

Are managers contributing to a lack of psychological well-being in the workplace? A recent study conducted by the Chartered Management Institute found that only 20 percent of managers in the UK receive training during their careers that prepares them to deal with low morale among employees. Coincidentally, the Institute's spring economic outlook survey also revealed that at least 70 percent of managers in the UK indicated a drop in employee morale over the past six months.

With managers admitting a lack of expertise in making their employees feel valued in their jobs, the need for management training in the UK is obvious. Learning how to cope with new challenges not only makes better managers, but improves the manager recruitment process, as well. According to Ruth Spellman, Chartered Management Institute's CEO, "This skills shortfall, if not addressed, could have negative impacts on the UK economy."

Citing the lack of training as a reason why managers are not better able to deal with low employee morale, the Institute plans to have 50 percent of managers in the UK formally trained by 2020. Although many organisations are dealing with tight budgets, Spellman says "cut[ting] back on management training and both short-sighted and counter-productive."
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