A New Era for Workplace Flexibility

29th August 2011

As society is introduced to an ever-expanding selection of versatile technologies, companies are learning that their employees are growing to expect a similar flexibility in their work habits.

According to iPass’s recent Global Mobile Workforce Report, 95% of employers do permit their employees to work remotely from laptops and mobile devices. Despite this, 40% of the 3,100 employees surveyed still wanted more flexible working conditions from their employers. Most revealing, however, was the 33% of employees who contested that they would consider going through the job hunt all over again if only for an improvement in mobile working arrangements.

Barbara Nelson, chief technology officer at iPass, explains, “If [enterprises] don’t provide the flexibility today’s mobile employees feel entitled to, their employees will seek out those companies who do allow them the freedom to work when and where they choose.”

In order to avoid the financial sacrifice of employee turnover, many companies are now being encouraged to consider their employees’ mobile priorities.

Despite the increase in mobile device usage in the workplace, 68% of today’s employees regularly disconnect from all modes of technology—mostly to spend uninterrupted time with their family.

Companies that come to embrace this new era in work shifting will benefit from deeper employee loyalty and increased productivity and profitability.

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