Many Employers Still Confused about Agency Workers Regulations

10th August 2011

Recent research has shown that many employers are still confused about the effects of the upcoming Agency Workers Regulations (AWR), even though there are only two months until it goes into force.

A survey was performed that included 500 HR professionals by a recruitment firm, Adecco; it showed that there were several misunderstandings about the AWR that will become law on October 1, 2011. More than half of those surveyed believe that the regulations will allow temporary workers to have the same benefits as permanent ones; one-third believe temporary workers will be eligible for the same bonuses. Neither of these beliefs is true. Furthermore, one-fourth believed that agency workers would be allowed to equal rights immediately; the truth is that there is a 12-week waiting period before they qualify. Twenty-six per cent surveyed believed that the recruitment agency recruiting the worker would be responsible for enforcing the new rules; the truth is that the responsibility will be shared.

What is clear is that organisations that depend on the flexibility of agency workers should start taking steps to get ready now so that they are compliant from the start. – flat fee recruitment specialists