North South disparity exists in the job market

27th September 2011

Recently, Manpower, a recruitment firm, released a new report detailing recruitment recovery that details sharp cuts and fewer new staff recruitment than the South. The report asked over two thousand UK employers about their intent to hire new workers in the quarter, or lack thereof.

Unsurprisingly, the North fell short as compared to the South in terms of both new recruitment and cuts. Prospects are the worst above the divide from Bristol and Humber for jobseekers, according to the report.

In addition, firms beneath the line that have intent to recruit new employees outnumber the firms planning to cut jobs by 6%, according to the report. Above the line, firms planning elimination of positions in their companies numbered 2% greater than firms looking to recruit new jobseekers.

The managing director of the firm Mark Cahill made sure to mention that, with a significant drop in banking industry job recruitment, divides were also apparent in many other sectors.

Employers in the utilities industry (water, gas, electricity) had the highest number of new open positions (10%) higher than other industries.

Overall, the Manpower recruitment firm believes that prospects are bleak in the UK for jobseekers. With a collapsing banking industry and widespread world economic turmoil, it doesn't look like things will be shaping up to be any better soon for jobseekers or employers. – low cost recruitment agency