Visionary Future Work Patterns Revealed

31st October 2011

New research seems to point to a new kind of working environment for the future. Indicators seem to show that in the future, employees will have more choice in when and how long they work at their jobs. Employers of the future will likely reward workers based on output, not rigid shift schedules. This vision is based on data gathered by academics at the Cass And Henley business schools. This data has been published as a book entitled "Future Work: How Businesses Can Adapt And Thrive In The New World Of Work." This data was gleaned from revealing surveys of working business managers in a variety of careers. The research shows that nine in ten managers feel that workers show more productivity when given more freedom of choice.

Allison Maitland, senior fellow at Cass Business school, insists that trusting workers to manage their own work lives can result in greater profits. As pointed out in the new book, companies like GAP and Google have already experimented successfully with result-based models of employee compensation. The book also refers to a study in which self-motivated workers were able to work nineteen more hours than average workers, without experiencing significant stress levels. This will doubtlessly have great implications for employee recruitment and retention alike.

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