Supermarket chain to create 5000 jobs in 2012

30th January 2012

The outlook for jobs took an upswing this week when Asda, the Leeds-based national supermarket chain, announced plans that will create 5,000 new jobs. One portion of those plans involves the chain's depots: a new depot will open up in Rochdale, one already in Falkirk will be replaced with a newly renovated facility and one acquired from the Netto chain in South Elmshall, Yorkshire, will be revamped. Also, forty-three existing Asda stores will be extended and refurbished and twenty-five new Asda stores will be opened. This expansion effort will be coupled with a recruitment drive for staff to fill the jobs at the new locations and at the larger old ones.

Asda has been expanding for most of 2011, after the chain acquired the UK stores of Netto, the discount retail chain from Denmark. Asda plans to double the number of staff at each former Netto site, meaning a boost for careers all around.

Asda is owned by Walmart and is second in the UK only to the Tesco supermarket chain. Asda has 528 stores and depots throughout the UK and employs 180,000 staff. This current expansion effort, estimated to cost £500m, will increase selling space by well over half-million square feet for the sales giant. are online recruitment specialists operating in the UK and offering a low cost approach to recruitment for business