Sudden increase in staff absence attributed to New Year fitness resolutions

11th May 2012

This article, originally posted on PersonnelToday, interested us this week. New Year fitness resolutions are leading to long term business absences due to musculoskeletal injuries. Remember to warm up before you exercise! We have summarised below.

March and April of this year have seen a rise in the number of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, which have caused a spike in sickness-related absences from work and school. The origin of this rise has been found to be people's fitness-related New Year’s resolutions according to a report by Physio Med released recently.

Many people who have been away from exercise and sport for an extended period of time sink into bad habits. Mistakes that many make upon starting their New Year’s resolutions include: not warming up, over-exerting oneself or not having correct form for the entire exercise. Twenty-seven per cent of injuries from fitness were cited to be a result of lack of instruction on how to do the exercise. Twelve per cent of injuries were thought to be due to not warming up. Some of the most common injuries include lower back pain, neck pain, upper back pain, and shoulder pain.

Most experts in the healthcare industries believe that developing a fitness routine is a great way to become healthy when carried out properly. Those starting a fitness routine should be aware that a rise in physical activity can cause strain on the body and should consult a doctor before embarking on a programme. Exercise should follow a proper warm up and those without proper instruction on how to do an activity should refrain from doing so. Without proper education, businesses in the future run the risk of long term absences due to these type of injuries.

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