Uncomfortable employees estimate to cost UK business over 52 billion per annum

2nd May 2012

This article (originally posted on HRreview) interested us this week. Uncomfortable employees estimate to cost UK business over 52 billion! Wow! Time to get your ergonomic and work stations in order.

In a recent study commissioned by Fellowes, an office specialist company, 1,000 UK workers were interviewed regarding proper ergonomic factors and comfort levels at their work stations.

The study offered some startling results. Seventy-one percent of respondents claimed they have suffered from numerous job-related ailments including headaches, tension and/or aches in the neck and shoulders, vision problems and sore wrists. Productivity was reduced due to these factors, with 70 percent of employees spending an average of 51 minutes each day trying to get comfortable instead of working.

Fellowes commissioned the study to determine how many UK employers are administering risk assessments for their employees. According to study results, only 45 percent of respondents had ever completed a workstation risk assessment. This type of assessment helps employers identify trouble areas in the workplace, and is required by UK law.

When asked if having their employer more proactively work to improve workplace comfort would improve their opinion of them, the majority of participants responded favourably, with 14 percent willing to change jobs if another employer would provide a better working environment.

The results of this study overwhelmingly indicate that investing in workstation risk assessments and providing ergonomically correct workstations is a worthwhile investment, and can save a company big money while creating a happier workforce.

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