Top Mistakes that Employers Make When Dismissing Staff

3rd July 2012

We read an interesting piece on Personnel Today about the importance of ensuring you follow the correct procedure if you have to dismiss an employee. Failure to do so can have dire consequences. We have summarised the article below.

Dismissing employees from their jobs is one of the most difficult tasks managers face during their careers. However, if an employee is not dismissed from their job properly, the manager and company may face situations that are much more difficult than the dismissal itself. Dismissing an employee improperly has the potential to have a detrimental effect on the morale of the workplace, hinder recruitment efforts and threaten the company's financial health in the event that an unfair dismissal claim is brought against the company. While dismissing employees from their jobs may seem rather straightforward there are a few things every manager must keep in mind to properly navigate this tricky path.

• Managers must first lay out all of the allegations levied against an employee prior to deciding the reason for dismissal.
• Next, it is vital for the manager to state clearly the reason for dismissal and not confuse that reason with any other factors.
• If a medical report is received for an employee, make sure that the recommendations contained in the report are followed.
• In the event that there is evidence that supports the employee's innocence it is vital for the manager not to ignore it.
• Lastly, managers need to conduct an appeal if one is requested by the employee to be dismissed. offer low cost online recruitment in the UK