5 Tips to Resolve Conflict

21st September 2012

5 Tips to Resolve Conflict

We came across an interesting article from Inc about the best ways to resolve conflict before it spirals out of control. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Those in higher managerial positions will often find themselves as the honorary arbiters and peacemakers of the office. Quashing conflict before it has chance to develop is the key to maintaining a healthy working atmosphere. Studies found that conflict is the same beast whether at home or work, and it can often be solved through the simple means of talking to one another.

1.) Realising that your workers have good intentions is important. Having faith that most people are coming from a position of sincerity can help you understand and therefore solve these tricky situations.

2.) Avoiding taking sides can be key to providing the right neutral perspective. Take the time to listen and assess the complaints of those involved. Encouraging employees to talk to each other before going to management will often nullify the problem before it’s even raised.

3.) Face to face conversations cannot be underestimated. Talking to your opponent with an open mind and heart can sometimes lead to understanding and a change of perspective. Remove electronic communications and encourage human conversations.

4.) In the rare occasion that two people have thrashed out their differences and failed to reach an agreement, you must take the side of whom you think is in the right. Make it clear that you’re listening to both parties before making a decision.

5.) Ensure that your ‘philosophy about conflict’ is consistent and permanently apparent. This applies to the delivery workers all the way up to the board room. People shouldn’t be treated differently dependent upon their salary.

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