Social Media Tips From Recruiters

25th October 2012

We came across an interesting article from TalentHQ recently, which details the top social media tips from those in the recruitment game. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Leveraging social media in job searches is almost a pre-requisite for anybody looking to find careers within forward thinking or cosmopolitan industries. Even those applying for jobs further down the business ladder can expect to have their Facebook profiles checked out before the interview. Some employers will say that it’s simply to see what the person looks like, but most will trawl through your recent history on the lookout for your well documented character flaws.

Below are some of the more crucial points:
• Remember your audience.
o Social media doesn’t necessarily mean casual. By all means display that you’re relaxed and you like to have fun, but this doesn’t mean that a potential employer wants to see how many pints you can drink in one night.

• Your image is a brand.
o Everything on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus page is connected directly to your image. Marketing yourself socially turns you into a brand. Brands need protecting and monitoring.

• Stay on top.
o Following relevant industry pages and specific companies can keep you in the loop about current news in your sector. Impressing at an interview with insider information can go a long way in your favour.

• Don’t sit back.
o Social networking isn’t a one way stream. Don’t expect to be found easily and don’t expect to be messaged. Network, put yourself out there and actively engage. – helps businesses to find their ideal candidates. We do all the hard work with sourcing, sifting through CVs, through to organising interviews with candidates. It’s simple and we charge a low cost fee.