Applying for Irrelevant Jobs Gets Candidates Blacklisted

12th November 2012

Bullhorn, creators of online recruitment software, conducted a study amongst 1500 recruiters recently. One of the findings of the survey were the top pet peeves during the recruitment process and it came out at candidates applying to irrelevant jobs. Those putting their names forward for jobs that they are clearly unqualified or unsuitable for can experience a ‘blacklisting’ by the recruiter.

Almost a third of recruiters noted this as an irritation and a stain on the CV of a jobseeker, with almost half of them saying they would go so far as to ‘blacklist’ their name from searches. Whilst this might not have much of an impact when applying directly to companies, applying through recruitment agencies might land you with a big X next to your name for jobs that you might actually be good for.

The study also uncovered some other pet hates of recruiters-
• Lying about qualifications or overvaluing them
• Focusing on money, wages and salaries predominantly
• Applying for a job out of the candidate’s league
• Persistent communications for updates

Factors working in a candidate’s favour also emerged-
• Personality fits between candidate and company
• Interview presentation
• Notable experience
• Personal references or recommendations

The name of a University attended came in surprisingly low with only 4% of recruiters giving it credibility in their selection process. are leaders in filling any job or role for your company, at minimal cost to you.