Payrise or Jobhunt

12th November 2012

With a turbulent economy and employment levels fluctuating before anybody can put a pin on them, competition for jobs is hotter than before as companies fold and staff are released. But those fortunate enough to keep their jobs aren’t necessarily sitting still and counting their lucky stars. A study of 800 people conducted by the “Change Recruitment Group” aimed to find out the satisfaction levels of employed UK workers.

Their findings showed that 43% of candidates have not been privileged to an inflationary pay rise to reflect the rising cost of living in the UK. The lack of support from their employers has driven three-quarters of them to actively seek a new role. 20% of the candidates have received no pay rises at all and more than half of them are considering moving jobs to find higher salaries and greater benefits elsewhere.

Whilst dissatisfaction may be rife, ambition hasn’t faltered as 44% of those asked are looking to a more senior role. Another recent study by the same group found that almost 65% of people think that their career would have progressed to further heights has the recession not impacted their lives. – Experts in flat-fee recruitment in the UK.