Answering The Toughest Interview Questions

21st December 2012

Preparation is the key to avoiding interview disasters.  See below some ways to tackle the toughest interview questions you’re going to face.

Q.  What are your weaknesses?

A.  Don’t go into too much detail.  Take a potential weakness and try to present it in a positive light.  An example could be noting your attention to detail which you could comment may be a problem in some positions, but for the particular accounting job you are applying for, is perfect.

Q.  How would you solve this problem?

A.  This can be a risky question, especially if the employer doesn’t like your answer.  Be careful that you don’t offer something too detailed either - they could steal your plans.  Outline a great strategy but don’t go into too much detail.

Q.  Why did you leave your last job?

A.  Always present this in a positive light, don’t badmouth your previous employer.  Mention your old company not being a good fit for your character, talk about what you learned and how you see this position as more suitable for your personality.

Q.  Why do you want to work here?

A.  Make sure you’ve done your research here; take the chance to drop in facts and figures about the company to impress your interviewer.

Q.  Tell me about yourself

A.  List your traits and accomplishments by relevance and importance.  Don’t be too personal or detailed unless it’s appropriate.

Q.  Tell me about the worst boss you ever had

A.  Again, don’t start badmouthing too much.  Mention some previous bosses but don’t go into detail and try to stay positive.  Consider saying something about the better bosses here too and what you learned.

Q.  What are your goals?

A.  Don’t expand too much on what your CV says.  Use this chance to re-affirm your ambitions as relevant to the company.  Mention wanting to take advantage of opportunities and working for the right kind of company.

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