Creating Your Company Culture

21st December 2012

Creating your company culture is essential to empowering your employees and driving your company’s success.  Adapting the existing culture is a great place to start and below are five steps to help enact this.

1.  Creating a compelling vision

Every team within a company needs to be a group of people with a clear knowledge of what they are doing.  Creating this compelling vision helps align all decisions and actions and act as an aim to follow for everybody connected to the company.  Make visions short, memorable and repeatable.

2. Determine your purpose

Just as in life, people need a purpose in business.  Knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing is essential to keeping employees involved and enthused.  Make your purpose compelling and give staff a great reason to work for your company.  Creating a purpose beneficial to humankind will attract and retain employees far better than if your purpose is only to benefit the company and make money.  Where employers come and stay, customers will do the same.

3. Align your business model

Does your business model align with the customer’s wants, needs and demands?  Is it in sync with the Information Age and what it can offer?  The customer now has a choice and a voice, companies must evolve or dissolve and those who entrench themselves in hard selling and long contracts will dissolve first.

4.  Creating unique or wow factors

Attracting the right employees and repeat custom is difficult, so make sure that you stand out from the rest.  A unique or wow factor is incredibly important: be different and make sure people can see you and your uniqueness. 

5.  Clarify your values

Let the public know what you’re about with values.  Get everybody’s input and design values that will guide your people and company to success.  Design values to counteract existing problems, a value based on timely communication in a company which struggles with getting back to people can be self-completing.  The value will attract those who expect this service and over time the value will become self-managing. 

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