Three Million Workers Want More Hours

14th December 2012

You’ve heard of the employed and the unemployed, but the latest category of workers contains those three million people in the UK considered ‘underemployed.’  These are people who are currently in work but are struggling to find the extra hours that they want or need.  Since the economy took a downturn, there are now 3.05 million workers in the UK who can be considered underemployed.  This represents more than 10% of the entire UK workforce, a figure that has risen by almost 1 million since 2008.

For the eight years before the recession hit, there had been a relatively stable 2 million underemployed workers.  This 50% rise in three years, compared to almost 0% in eight years tells the tale of the current state of the UK economy. 

More than half (62%) of the underemployed workers are in part-time roles, with more than three quarters (76%) of them wanting more hours.  15% of people want to change jobs to find the extra hours they need, whilst almost 10% of them are considering taking on a second job.

The three occupations with the highest underemployment rates were school midday and crossing assistants (39%), bar staff (33%) and cleaners (31%).

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