10 Bizarre Interview Questions That Work

15th January 2013

To assess a candidate’s critical thinking and spontaneous decision making, employers try to ask thought provoking and challenging interview questions. However, with potential employees doing more and more preparation for job interviews, they’ll probably have answers for every question in the book. Glassdoor.com undertook a survey recently to find out the most bizarre questions that get asked by some of the top companies.

1.) Forrester have asked candidates if they were to get rid of one state in the U.S, which one would it be and what would their reason be?

2.) Computing giants Dell provoked candidates to choose a song that best describes their work ethic.

3.) Amazon tested their potential hire’s views of the bigger picture by enquiring how they would spend a million dollar grant for their “best entrepreneurial idea.”

4.) “Name 3 Nobel Prize Winners” was a tricky one from benefitsCONNECT

5.) Grocery chain Trader Joe’s asked their candidates what would be on the table if they were to come round for dinner.

6.) The hiring manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers asked for a holiday destination recommendation for him and his wife.

7.) The Bank of America kept their candidates on their feet by asking them to “calculate the angle of two clock pointer when the time is 11:50”

8.) Jiffy Software asked the playful but investigative question of “Have you ever stolen a pen from work?”

9.) The hiring team from Kimberly-Clark asked their potential employees what they would say if their mobile phone rang loudly, despite it being on silent.

10.) Kraft Foods went for a disarming approach with “On a scale from one to ten, rate me as an interviewer.”

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