5 Questions Great Job Candidates Ask

7th January 2013

It’s not uncommon for job candidates to ask questions to present themselves in a good light, caring little of the answer and more of how the question makes them look. The better candidates will care: it will give them a chance to evaluate you and your company. Here are five of the best questions you can expect from the better candidates:

What will I be expected to achieve in the first 60 – 90 days?
Finding candidates that want to start immediately with their contribution is fantastic, these won’t want to waste time in helping you achieve your targets.

What characteristics do your top performers have in common?
This question is long term and it will show you that they want to perform and rise to the top. Your top performers might work longer hours; they may be more creative or consistent in sales. Great candidates will ask this to find out if they fit and what it takes to become the best.

What really drives results for the company?
Some activities will make a big difference in certain jobs, whilst they may not in others. The best candidates will want to know how to make a difference.  They’re aware that helping the company do well means that they’ll do well too.

What do the employees do in their spare time?
Great job candidates might ask this because they have options elsewhere; they’re looking to find out if they fit in. The happiest employees enjoy their jobs and like the people they work with.

How do you plan to tackle…?
This question will be different depending on the industry. It might be a new competitor, a change in the economy, some new technology. Great candidates are aware of upcoming issues and want to know how your company plans to deal with them; is there going to be growth and advancement for them?

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