5 Things To Consider Before Working At A Start-Up

24th January 2013

HireArt, a recruiting company, recently discovered that employees working at start-ups often don’t make it because they’re “not a good fit for the company”. There are several reasons why working in a start-up environment is entirely different to that of a larger organisation.

Grunt Work
At a start-up you can expect to be working for something you believe in and take ownership over your own work, but you can also expect to be doing some grunt work here and there. One day you might be working on a revolutionary feature, the next you might spend the day taking phone calls and signing for deliveries.

Risking Success & Failure
Harvard has recently noted that three quarters of start-ups will fail. Be aware that you’re risking the integrity of your own CV with a start-up; a collection of short jobs can be a big turn off for your next potential employer.

Salary & Benefits
Venture Beat noted that start-up companies will pay around 70% of what equivalent established companies will pay on their salary bills. Expect that though you might be granted the “yummy snacks and fun perks”, you might not enjoy the wages.

Exposure vs. Mentoring
Whilst the managers will certainly know you exist, being in a small team, they won’t be on hand to help much. Your exposure to founders is great, but be aware that you might not receive the formal mentoring that you could expect from larger companies.

The pressure at start-ups can be overwhelming: get results, hit metrics, achieve growth. There are great opportunities, but they’re tempered with even greater responsibility.
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