7 Reasons Your Hiring Process Repels Candidates

7th January 2013

The job seeker arguably gets the shortest stick in the hiring process: whilst recruiters work daily with the application management systems, candidates begin by facing systems that they’re both unfamiliar and unaccustomed with.

Here are the top reasons why jobseekers hate the hiring process:

• Nobody ever reads their CV
o Rethinking the ad clarity ensures you're not wading through CVs, but are able to focus on relevant applications.

• Long, drawn-out interview processes
o Whilst difficult to change overnight, reduce the impact of this problem by informing candidates of what to expect early on.

• Getting a job which is very different from expectations
o Do away with vague descriptions in your advertisements.  Use specific language and communicate company needs and policies.

• Feeling in the dark
o Give your candidates frequent updates. Use communications on today’s hiring platforms; let them know the expected start date and always inform shortlisted candidates whether it’s a “no.”

• Jumping through hoops
o Do away with the unnecessary test and requirements if possible, but always educate your candidates on the importance of each task if they are essential.

• Information imbalance
o Asking for more information from your candidate than you’re willing to divulge yourself isn’t fair. You have to give as good as you get.

• Inaccessibility
o If candidates cannot find or communicate with you, you’ll be missing out. Make sure that you’re accessible, create excitement around your brand and make the most in-demand parts of your website the easiest to get to. On all communications, sign with your name and the company.

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