Attracting Candidates With Socially Conscious Company Policies

2nd January 2013

Bain and Co. recently undertook a survey which revealed that two-thirds of workers would take a lower salary if it gave them a chance to work for a company with more sustainable business practice.   Almost 70% of those asked commented that commitment to the community influences the decision of which position to take.  Competing in the war for talent is difficult, but companies who focus on their social responsibility rather than their bottom line seem to be gaining an upper hand.

 1. Going Green

Everyone shares the same planet, so this is a topic important to everybody. Going green is a great way to show that your company is embracing social responsibility.  You can begin by encouraging your employers to waste less paper, start a recycling programme or you might want to use online video in your hiring process instead of printed CVs.  Listen to your employees and involve them in the process, always looking for new ways to improve the company’s green performance. 

2. Volunteer Programme

Helping company culture begins with helping others.  In 2011, more than 64,000,000 people in the US volunteered in one way or another.  In 2012, the Olympics saw tens of thousands of volunteers across London.   Volunteer efforts can be of great value to your company culture and morale with over three-quarters of employees feeling better about their company when it has volunteered in the community.  You will find that productivity increases as morale does, so find out about local issues and discuss with your workers their passions.  Select the right issue and begin a volunteer programme, making sure that you promote it to attract candidates who share your values.

3. Transparent Culture

As an employee, it’s difficult to trust your company if they lock everything up and seem like they have something to hide.  So making your company transparent and explain major decisions to increase employee morale.  Empower employees by encouraging feedback and listening to their suggestions.  Follow up each idea, even if it’s not possible to implement the idea immediately.  Candidates who know that their opinion will be listened to and valued will be excited about joining your company.  Never dismiss an employee’s suggestions just because they may be in an entry-level position.

With a great company culture, you’ll find that candidates will want to work with you more and more., offer low cost, online recruitment services in the UK.