Flexible Working In Tough Times

2nd January 2013

In the current recession, salary, pension and benefit packages might not be as attractive as they have been over the years.  Flexible working has emerged as a great way of persuading talent to join a company, according to a cross-section of HR managers. 

Jos Barnett, HR Director of online advertising firm, Struq, said that “the more flexibility you can offer, the better off you are.”  Barnett also went on to say that it can help when trying to attract a female workforce and flexibility will develop much more loyalty within the workplace.

New Era Cap Company were represented by their HR director Holly Franklin who commented that it’s all about giving and taking: “if you’re offering flexibility, then you expect a bit more from the staff.”

During the summer, New Era Cap Company offered their employees the chance to work for an extra hour from Monday to Thursday which allows them to finish at midday on Friday.  Franklin pointed out that 98% of staff have taken them up on the offer and that they “love it”. 

Bloomberg’s Shelley Williams noted that flexible working goes well with task orientation of staff: “You’re asking staff to do what they need to do and it’s up to them whatever times they do it.”

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