The Worst Recruiting Mistakes

15th January 2013

Keith Halperin from spoke to his colleagues at the close of 2012 to discuss some of the worst recruiting mistakes made by companies that year. Together they came up with an extensive list of mistakes: which do you think are the biggest?
• The hiring of applicants based on presentation skills rather than technical questions on their field. Also rejecting applicants with foreign accents who might be excellent in their technical role.

• Relying too much on references.

• Age discrimination, discounting applicants over 50.

• Low ball offers vs. paying market rates. Employee turnover can be affected here, or else the candidate may feel undervalued and their performance may drop.

• Not returning phone calls from applicants who have been interviewed.

• Writing unsuitable job descriptions (not functional) and not allowing recruiters to discuss with the hiring manager to improve the description.

• Posting to generic job search websites and waiting for the perfect applicant.

• Failing to hire a recruiter when the funds are available.

• Hiring managers being unavailable to discuss details and act on interviews.

• Procrastinating or unnecessarily elongating the hiring process until the candidate is hired by a competitor.

• Skipping due diligence.

• Poor communication with recruiting teams.

• Poor or non-existent feedback to candidates.

• Giving friends, relatives or important contacts an interview when unqualified.

• Sharing the company’s “dirty laundry” with top candidates.

• Quantity over quality.

• Undervaluing pay scale & postponing hiring.

• Hiring a cheaper but inexperienced recruiter.

• Choosing applicants on skills fit and ignoring cultural fit.

• Choosing applicants to fit the salary range.

• Poor or no background checks, including references.

• Failing to put forward questions which address core competencies, key criteria and cultural fit.

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