Common LinkedIn Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

12th March 2013

There are a number of articles online about how to optimise your LinkedIn profile, but few look at the drawbacks that can come from poor etiquette and activity online. This article addresses some of the most common LinkedIn mistakes and how to avoid them.

Giving to Receive
Giving recommendations to those you’re connected with on LinkedIn is a great feature, but don’t only give them to receive one yourself. Give these recommendations sincerely and selflessly, the same goes for endorsements. These are great networking tools and although in the back of your mind you may know you increase your chance of them returning the favour, don’t make this your motive.

Waiting too Long
Consider where you want to be further down the line in advance. Be proactive and don’t find yourself needing endorsements when you haven’t been socially active on LinkedIn. Start building the connections now - putting them off can leave you without the necessary network when you need it.

LinkedIn is a professional platform, consider your activity and save the more informal approach for Facebook and Twitter.

Sharing is Caring
Share the content that you find interesting and relevant, it lets people know who you are and what you do. Your Activity stream logs all of the articles, videos and blog posts you read and write, letting your connections find out crucial elements of your life and work. Read the comments that people leave on your stream, see what they like and find out more about the people in your network.

Using the auto-generated message on a LinkedIn connection is a sure fire way to show people that you’re only in the game to pad your numbers. Take a few seconds to mention how you know each other, or why your connection would be beneficial.

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