The Underutilised Graduate Market

26th March 2013

Total Jobs have recently uncovered some interesting results from a survey showing a wealth of untapped talent which could be the answer to the 196,000 unfilled jobs in the SME market. An important statistic shows that 9/10 graduates show a desire to work for an SME, almost two thirds believing that SMEs develop their workforces better and even more thinking their ideas might be heard more. 37% of respondents also stated that the company culture would suit them better.

A third of those asked believe their skill set is perfect for an SME, compared to just 10% of those who believe they have the right skills to start a role in a larger corporation. On a side note, more than half of graduates have stated that they have considered establishing their own business after completing their studies.

Total Jobs’ Graduate Director commented that “SMEs are missing a trick” by ignoring graduates, citing research that suggests “graduate recruitment to SMEs has the potential to increase management and leadership capability within the organisation.”

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