Vodafone Fights Yahoo! Working-from-Home Ban

12th March 2013

During a survey involving up to 500 decision-makers, Vodafone have discovered that businesses operating in Britain can enjoy up to a £34bn saving. The reduction in overheads and desk space as a result of employees working remotely is responsible for this dramatic figure; most businesses don’t realise that the average cost of running a desk can reach almost £6,000. During the survey, 20% of participants admitted that they could lose almost 50 desks if they encouraged working from home.

An unsurprising statistic revealed that most businesses measure their success by the results of their output, but only one-in-five considered reducing desk space a viable option, with 25% worried about their employees abusing the system.

Vodafone’s enterprise director, Jeroen Hoencamp, considers British businesses “blinkered” when it comes to establishing flexible working. He went on to say that Britain needs to begin “working smarter and thinking about different ways of working” and that the figure of “£34bn is staggering” and “businesses are underestimating the savings they can make through reducing the number of desks they have.”

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