Avoid These Critical Hiring Mistakes

3rd April 2013

We know about the importance of clarity in the application process for a candidate, but more and more companies are falling at the same hurdle. Not being clear on what they want and need, companies are making mistakes that leave their vacancies unfilled.

Unrealistic and Overwhelming Job Descriptions

The requirements of a job description should be skills that an employer absolutely needs. Job descriptions should show a day in the working life of the role, considerate of the candidate’s background. Salary ranges and “preferred skills” should be included, with clarity and honesty being a great attraction for the better candidates. Don’t risk turning them away with the pushbacks of formal job descriptions

Never-ending Interview Processes

Limiting the interview pool to between 2 and 4 people should be sufficient for most vacancies. Think about the candidate’s time: it can be just as valuable as yours in the end. Your interview process can influence your brand and the personality of your company, so make it effective but painless.

Avoiding Risks

In the recession, companies are fearful of taking a risk on their candidates. Looking for the absolutely perfect applicant can be impossible and looking for them can burden your existing staff. Being efficient in the interview, maintaining clarity in job descriptions and keeping realistic expectations are the keys to finding your hire.

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