Employees Threatened By Their Managers

25th April 2013

A recent study carried out by ‘Head Heart + Brain’ has uncovered some surprising statistics, that almost half of all UK employees feel threatened by their managers. The question of “does the leadership of your organisation make you feel rewarded or threatened?” stimulated 47% of respondents to answer the latter.

The research shows that scientists and doctors feel the most threatened, along with civil servants and retail managers. Civil service leaders topped the poll as the most threatening, with almost 75% of their employees citing feeling threatened by their managers.

Head Heart + Brain explained that UK managers are “failing to send out positive signals of reward to their employees.” They went on to say that organisations are becoming “less productive and more resistant to change” as a result of this.

Expanding upon the damning results found within the civil service industry, two-thirds of the most senior roles are filled by people considering leaving their jobs immediately. Almost a quarter of all Whitehall staff who are in the top three grades are considering following suit. Budget day saw 95,000 of the civil service strike.

Head Heart + Brain found that a number of sectors are being held back by this poor leadership, with an average of 20 retail stores closing per day in 2012. Tumultuous Christmas figures were down and retail is finding it difficult to adapt to “seismic changes” in the economy.

Maximising the feelings of reward in the employee base is key to addressing this nationwide problem, it will “improve engagement and decision-making” of the UK workforce and make sure that they are “firing on all cylinders.”

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