Interviews: Best Questions for a Recruiter

17th May 2013

Most interviewers will make a snap judgement of their candidate within the first five minutes of meeting them. Whilst this won’t necessarily be a hire or fire decision, it will certainly form the basis of whether or not to pursue the applicant further. If the interview continues in a positive vein, you can find a lot out about the person you’re interviewing with questions designed to give you an insight into their professional and personal character.

What has caused you to come here today?
This question gives you an instant understanding of the problems your candidate has had with previous employers and exposes traits of their personality.

What about your last job was unfair?
This is an excellent way to find out what pushes your candidate’s buttons and what they consider just and unjust in life.

Tell me about your favourite animal.
This is a classic, designed to reveal the personality of your candidate and gives you clues as what they consider themselves as and what they aspire to.

Tell me about your passion(s).
Never hire somebody without passion, the answer here doesn’t matter but if the candidate exhibits signs on enthusiasm and enthrallment, you can be sure that they have drive in their character.

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Aside from giving a great chance to take a break from the professionalism and relax with your interviewee, this question lets the candidate display their confidence and personality.

Tell me about your biggest risk.
Career statistics revealed that risk takers are generally a more successful demographic, though you might not want an entire work force of mavericks. This question can be a telling insight into your candidate’s willingness to experiment.

Tell me about your proudest accomplishment.
Candidates without achievements aren’t worth employing, so asking this question helps you to identify their passions and motivational traits. Using this as a closing question gives a succinct finality to the interview process and allows your candidates to end on a strong note.

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