Most Common Recruitment Errors

3rd May 2013

Recruitment can become a difficult and daunting exercise if carried out incorrectly; you can find yourself experiencing a number of pitfalls which have become all too common in modern recruiting. Having a plan and a set of goals is key to finding the best candidates, but even this can be undone if you find yourself indulging in some of the mistakes listed below.

Neglecting In-House Talent
You might find that your strongest candidates already work for you in a different role. Hiring and promoting from within can improve the team spirit and morale of your already established team.

Trying to Replicate
Everybody is different, so if you’re looking for the exact replica of the person you’ve had previously or somebody who has achieved success in the same role elsewhere, you could be looking forever. Consider innovation and progress, rather than past behaviour.

Leaving out your Employees
Particularly in small businesses, your employees should be included in the hiring process. Despite the potential that they may know the perfect candidate to suggest, including them helps to motivate and give them an ownership of the company they work for.

Looking for Superman or Wonderwoman
Tailor your job specification too precisely and you risk losing out on outstanding candidates. Endless descriptions that look for exact specifics can cause even the most perfect candidates to think that it’s not for them.

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