Questions from Outstanding Candidates

3rd May 2013

A lot of candidates ask questions during the interview process to make themselves look good, but outstanding candidates will ask insightful questions to discover useful information about the company and the role. Some of the best are listed below.

What would I be expected to achieve in my first six weeks?
The real performers want to hit the ground running. Outstanding candidates want to contribute effectively and immediately, so this question should raise green flags.

Tell me about the traits of your top performers.
Outstanding candidates want to contributing long term, so identifying the common attributes of your best employees is important to them. Getting an insight into what is important to you and what works best in the company will help them to become one of your top performers.

How will you tackle a coming challenge?
All businesses will face a big challenge and change in their daily activity. Whether it’s a shift in technology, the economy or a new competitor; all businesses will have to rise to meet a challenge. Outstanding candidates want to know how they fit into your constantly adapting regimes, and how they can help you to beat these problems.

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